end of road

END OF ROAD 100 FEET — That’s what the sign at the entrance to Kangaroo Lake Resort has read for the past 44 years. This spot in Door County is where our road ended those many years ago for more reasons than we can recount. Summer sunshine so rich it’s like butter on your tongue. Meadows choked with wildflowers. Barns and farms assimilated into the landscape by years of weather and character and care. The glistening, rolling, sometimes angry gem of Lake Michigan contrasted by the glassy surface of Kangaroo Lake at sunset. Starlit nights smudged by the Milky Way and seared by falling stars.

But, for us, what we love most are the guests who become our friends, who come again and again, who bring their brides, their babies, their children and their memories from generation to generation. So, we’ll let them take it from here — Pat and Arps

About the cottages

“Seeing a vase of fresh flowers on the table, with a pretty oilcloth cover when I walked in brought me to tears. Seeing the spotless kitchen made me feel so welcomed.” — Sarah, WI

“This cottage feels like our home away from home.” — Joan, IL

“The cozy cottage with its front porch, the green lawn, the birch trees, and the placid lake all hit my senses at once.” — Betty, IL

“Feels like a second home with much cleaner windows.” — Mary, IL

“As always, the resort looks perfectly manicured and our cottage was glistening when we arrived.” — Mary Lynn, IL

About the setting

“It almost seems like we come home for one week a year, and spend the rest of our time somewhere else.” — Alan, OH

“What a blessing to view the lake each morning and ‘ponder’ over a cup of coffee. Can’t take the environment home, but perhaps a piece of its serenity.” — Raylene, IL

“The kids loved chasing dragonflies, catching toads, making sand castles, and swimming in the warm, shallow water.” — Audrey, IL

“Things have changed over the years, and gratefully Kangaroo Lake Resort has not. The beauty, peace and serenity that first captured our hearts is the same.” — Karen, IL

“I’ll never forget the beauty of everything here—the lake, the flowers, but most of all the sunsets!” — Lindsay (age 17), IL

“It is so beautiful here, with the leaves changing color.” — Laura (age 11), IL

“We arrive a little tense from city life, and depart a week later, feeling transformed, after a dose of the tranquility and peacefulness Kangaroo Lake Resort has to offer.” — Meredith, New Zealand

About the fun

“The beach and lawn game supplies rendered our board games useless!” — Mary, WI

“Jack and Bobby, almost five, advanced in their swimming—doing a lot of diving and swimming in the nice shallow water here.” — Cindy, IA

“Pan-fried perch, miniature golf, laughter, shopping with a unique bent toward the artistic, swimming, sailing, relaxing, ice cream with a jelly bean at the bottom, church the way it ought to be.” — Al, OH

“King of the Hill on the raft, and late-night campfires that lasted for hours.” — Nora (age 15), WI

“If you want to fish, swim, boat, play volleyball or badminton, barbeque, make sand castles, discover photo ops, enjoy getting to know Pat and Arps, or guiltlessly lie in one of the Adirondack chairs—this is the place.” — Courtenay, CA

About the families

“We all missed Graham (18) as he begins to discover college life. He called twice this week to say, ‘What are you guys doing today?’” — Joan, IL

“I have been coming here since I was in diapers, and in November I will be 13 years old.” — David (age 12), OH

“Our six-year-old son walked in the door and said, ‘Now this feels like home.‘” — Mike, WI

“This is one of my favorite times of the year! I get to hear all my dad’s memories of when he was a kid here—and some he relived!” — Allison (age 13), PA

“This was a particularly special time as it reunited the four Volpe sisters and their mom, happy visitors since 1963.” — Laura, IL, KY, FL

Oliver (5), day 1: “Mom, it’s so small. There’s no computer.” Oliver (5), day 2: “I want to move here.” Oliver (5), day 7: “I don’t want to leave my new friends!” — Oliver (age 5), IA

“The many summers (15 to be exact) have created a unique and special page in the storybook of my life. Although at one point every good thing must come to an end, the page will always be there, the pictures will never dull, and the words will never fade.” — Emily (age 18), IL

Friends, friends, and more friends!